Nissan 240sx Tube Front Install


  • Experienced knowledge of welding is recommended
  • Trimming will be required before final fitment
  • Required custom mounting brackets for headlights, fenders, and bumper
  • Make sure fitment is how you want it before final weld
  • Remove stock upper and lower radiator support before beginning

Install Lower Radiator Support first

*You must add tension rod bracket mounting points before final installation*

1. Tack weld the lower support bracket to the frame rails, be sure to measure before welding

2. Once lower bracket is tack welded in place, we recommend drilling the 4 holes as well as welding in mounting nuts for the tension rod brackets, before securing the top plate onto the lower support

3. Once tension rod brackets have mounting points, and are secure, weld in upper support plate.

4. Confirm measurements and wheel alignment before final welding. Finish welding the overall support bracket.

5. Tack weld both upright tubes (B) in place on frame rail in the position you want it in

6. Make sure Upper Radiator Support (C) fits correctly and is aligned

7. Tack weld strut tower plates (D) on both sides

8. Prefit frame rail tube (E) in place and tack weld once fitted properly. Trimming may be required for this process

9. Weld in frame rail plates (F)

10. Once everything is in place like how you want it, prefit headlights, fenders and bumpers to make custom mounting brackets.

11. After everything is in place, do final welding.

Below is a video of the tube front installed and painted. **Car is a S14 by our customer Dallas Brown**