Interested in Motorsports fabrication? Take one or all of our 4 courses. Doesn’t matter what your current skill levels are. We’ll show you what kind of welding is involve so you can utilized it to your benefits. All classes involve 1 hour of instructing and then followed with practical training.

About the Instructor

Ryan has over 15 years experience welding with a main focus on Motorsports. He holds two Associate of Science Degrees for Welding Technology and Engineering along with multiple certificates for GTAW, GMAW  & SMAW. He is  also AWS Certified for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.  Along with these qualifications Ryan is very passionate about his craft and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.  


This course is for anyone with no prior Tig Welding Experience. The course is intended to show you the basic operation of a Tig Machine and welding of Carbon Steel.

This session will focus only on welding Aluminum Tubing and Sheet Metal. It will cover how to properly set the machine up for welding on AC as well as the advanced machine setting used in Alternating Current Applications.

*We recommend taking the Aluminum session prior to this for a more smooth learning process* This session will focus on welding stainless steel tubing and plate used in Automotive Applications. It will cover how to properly set the machine up for DC Welding and how to properly back purge the material.
*Prior Completion of the Stainless Session is required to Attend.*
This Session will focus on DC Welding of Titanium Alloys.  It will cover proper handling of material as well as back purging techniques.  

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