Where does your product get manufactured at?

We proudly engineer, design, and manufacture our products in house. Every product is made in the U.S. We take pride in making our products. From start to finish, every process is done in house.

What kind of quality can I expect?

All of our products are welded by AWS (American Welding Society) Certified Professionals . Every product we make goes through a strict quality control process.

Why do you offer products in Raw Finish?

We offer product in Raw Finish for two reasons. First, we offer the opportunity to purchase our product for a cheaper price. Second, some customer prefer to customize the color of their parts once they receive it.

Will you be adding more products to your line up?

Yes. As we are a fabrication shop moving into production, we will be doing more R&D in the near future to expand the products available for more chassis.


Can you briefly explain your R&D?

All product we produce goes through a Research and Development process. Each design is thoroughly tested until we reach a final product.


How does the order process work?

Every product we produce follow a general procedure (but is subject to a longer processing time depending on the product and the type of Finish requested)

  1. Order receive
  2. Product is made
  3. Product goes through quality control
  4. Product ships out with a tracking number

Can I cancel my order after I place it?

Yes. Please contact us within 24 hours before the manufacturing process takes place.


What  payments do you accept?

We accept Paypal and all major credit and debit cards made through Paypal. A Paypal account is not required to purchase with Paypal.  The “Paypal” button (Fig.1) is used for non-Paypal customers who wish to pay with a debit or credit card. Clicking on the button will bring a pop-up (Fig.2) to enter your information for payment. Instead of logging in to the Paypal account, skip straight to the bottom where the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button gives you the option to input your payment information.

Fig. 1
Fig. 2

If you wish to open a credit line with Paypal, please choose the “Paypal Credit” (Fig. 1) button and it will take you through a quick process of applying for their credit. For more info, please click on this link: Paypal Payment


Where do you ship to?

Currently we only ship within the United States.

How much is shipping?

We are proud to offer FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states! No minimum purchase required. (Alaska, Hawaii, and Others please inquire as there will be additional fees)

What shipping options do I have?

We currently partner up with USPS (Postal) and UPS. UPS is our primary shipping service unless if for some reason, we feel USPS would be the better option to get our product to your door steps. We believe UPS provide the the best shipping options for you the customer. They are reliable with an excellent tracking system to ensure you know where your product is from the moment it leaves our warehouse to the front of your doorsteps.

How long will my order get shipped?

Every product purchased through our site is made to order. Please allow a minimum of 7 days before the product is shipped. Shipping time varies by product and location.


Is there a warranty on your products?

Yes. We take full pride in our workmanship and will only produce high quality products. All of our products have a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser from any manufacturing defects. As long as the product is installed properly, use as intended and not abused, we will gladly replace any products with the return of the original product. (Buyer is responsible for shipping charges to and from for replacement parts).


Do you offer wholesale and/or dropship?

Yes, to authorized reseller. Please contact us for more info at info@thehumbleengineering.com


Please contact us at info@thehumbleengineering.com for any inquiries.