Welding Classes FAQ

** A mandatory Release And Hold Harmless Agreement will need to be signed in the beginning of the session(s)**

What does each session composed of?

Each session start off with a mandatory (1 Hour) overview of shop safety and what the session will be compose of. After that we get to the fun part, it will be hands on training.

Who can attend these classes?

Anyone! No experience needed. We teach the basic of welding for anyone who never had weld before all the way to teaching someone who is experience but looking to pick up new skills.

**Our Titanium sessions will however require you take the take the Stainless session first.

Do I need to bring any equipment(s)?

No. Every one who takes our classes will get a free set of Gloves to take with them after the completion of the session. Safety gears will be provided. Our welding helmets are sanitized completely after each session so you can feel safe using them. Everything you need to weld will be provided, just bring yourself.

**A long sleeve shirt is mandatory for all session(s) you attend.

Why safety first?

Just like any type of work either personal or professional, safety always comes first. We don’t want anyone getting injured while learning to weld nor want anyone to injure themselves while they put their skills to use outside our shop. Because injury can happen at any time even when a person is being cautious, we ask that anyone attending our session requires signing a waiver indicating that we are not responsible for any injury that may occurred while participating in our program.

How is your welding session different from from other welding classes offered at my local community college?

Most classes people take when learning to weld mainly focus on production welding. What we offer is motorsport fabrication that is not taught there. You will obtain knowledge that can kick start your career as a fabrication welder.

How do I book a session?

Follow the booking guide by entering all the info we request. After you book the session, we’ll send you an invoice via Paypal service. You don’t need a Paypal account to make a payment. After we the payment is received, just come on the day you book your session, sign our Release And Hold Harmless Agreement waiver and your session will begin. You will have 24 hours to complete payment in order to secure your preferred session(s) or else it will be canceled.

After I book a session, would I be able to get a refund?

No refund will be issue once a session is book. You may reschedule for a future date if you can’t attend the day you requested for. After you book a session, a portion of the payment goes automatically to getting supplies for the session you book.

Where will the session(s) take place?

All session(s) will be taken place at our shop. The address is:

1473 W. Linden St. Ste C.
Riverside, CA 9250

Do you offer discount if I book multiple classes?

Yes, we will offer $50 off for each sessions you book. A total of $200 can be discounted if you book all 4 classes. A minimum of 2 classes must be booked the same time to get this discount.

Have any other question(s)?

Please email us at info@thehumbleengineering.com